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10 Tips on Becoming Charismissional

Following his post about the charismatic-missional tension Andrew Wilson suggests some ways forward for churches in this post Becoming Charismissional.

Here are his ten tips aimed at leaders, slightly paraphrased, on how to be both Spirit-filled and missional.

1. Being Charismissional is possible

The early church had both strange charismatic experiences and clear explanations of the gospel.

2. Be honest – how charismatic are you?

To what extent are your contributions really God speaking? To what extend are they just your own thoughts?

3. Be honest – how missional are you?

Are you sharing life with those outside the church and having conversations about the gospel?

4. Think about the words you use.

Avoid Christian jargon. Use terms new people can understand.

5. Explain what is happening when you meet

Clear explanations throughout can help visitors feel comfortable with what is happening e.g. when someone speaks in tongues or when you lay hands on someone to pray for them.

6. Understand 1 Corinthians 14

Take care with spiritual gifts. Use them primarily to build up the church. This is why they should be intelligible.

7. Acknowledge individual differences

Some non-Christians are sceptical of emotionalism but some actually prefer more passionate gatherings. Don’t over generalise.

8. Train people to use gifts evangelistically

Why not teach people to use spiritual gifts in conversation with their non-Christian friends.

9. Share the teaching

Some speakers may excel at doctrinal teaching others at gospel preaching or charismatic experiences.

10. Lead by example

Eagerly desire more of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts and engage with your culture and with non-Christians.

What do you think?

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