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3 Steps To Doing What The Bible Says

I am glad that I am part of a church that takes the Bible seriously. As a charismatic I believe that what we read in the Bible can be experienced today. God still speaks today and God still answers our prayers – sometimes miraculously.

An important part of being missional is to relate and be relevant to the culture that I am in. I am often aware of my need to correctly interpret the Bible. But having done that I also need to accept what it says. With both of these settled I can then fearlessly act on what the Bible says.

1. Accurately interpret the Bible

When trying to understand the Bible I am often aware that I need to examine the verses or passages that I am reading in context. This is not just the context of a verse or passage in a whole book but also to understand the historical and cultural setting the passage was written in.

Understanding the differences between Bible times and my situation today helps me to apply the Bible correctly. Some issues are clearer than others. No-one would apply some of the Levitical laws to today but other issues we find differences of opinion. I don’t always find this easy and it needs much prayer.

2. Accept what the Bible says

When I have settled on an understanding I sometimes need to muster up the courage of my convictions and accept that truth and be willing to act on it without being influenced by my fear that people won’t like my conclusions or accept them.

The Bible is a challenging book. I cannot use the fact an interpretation will be inconvenient to me or offensive to others say that is not what the Bible means. It may throw me back to re-examining my initial conclusions. Nevertheless when I am convinced that I have understood the Bible and applied it faithfully then I can move on with a conviction that this is what God says.

3. Act on what the Bible says

When I am confident in my understanding and ready to do whatever God says then I can begin to act on what the Bible says.

For example, a few months ago convicted about what the Bible said about gluttony I began to take control of my eating. Similarly for many years now I have been convinced that God heals today. So when faced with friends with serious illnesses I begin to pray expecting God to heal them.

Having accurately interpreted them and accepted them I now act on these verses boldly. I go to bed hungry. I pray for my friends to be healed even if it means saying ‘I can’t explain why you’ve allowed this or why you haven’t done anything yet but even if you don’t do what I think you should I will still believe you Lord.’

Having confidence in my interpretation of the Bible helps me to accept it wholeheartedly and to act on it boldly.

October 16, 2012 at 6:00 pm
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