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5 Examples of the Charismatic-Missional Tension

I recently found this post where Andrew Wilson an elder at Kings Church in Eastbourne discusses what he calls the charismatic-missional tension. In this first post he raises some interesting questions about spiritual gifts, healing, ministry times, preaching and how we use social media.

Spiritual gifts

Some missional churches in attempts to be more seeker-sensitive have all but banned spiritual gifts in their meetings in favour of communicating clearly to those outside the faith. But shouldn’t we be able to be charismatic and exercise gifts in our meetings without being wacky and incomprehensible?


Praying for the sick may mean seeing some people not healed. Andrew Wilson discusses how we can tackle this with honesty and integrity – not exaggerating, appearing deluding or destroying people’s faith when the healing doesn’t occur. Is it more charismatic to pray for healings but more missional not to?

Ministry times

This refers to a charismatic practice where people respond to a sermon by coming forward to be prayed for. We may still long to experience God more deeply but also feel that visitors may be spooked by some people’s highly emotional responses during such times and so experience this charismatic-missional tension.


Here he discusses the balance between teaching doctrine, preaching the gospel and encouraging Christians to experience more of the Holy Spirit. Wilson observes that most good preachers excel at one or two of those but rarely all three.

Social media

To what extent do we discuss our Christian experience in front of non-Christians? Some charismatics may freak out their friends whereas some missional types may say next to nothing and miss opportunities to testify.

He tries to make sense of these in his following post, which I will discuss next week.

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