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5 Ways the Holy Spirit is at Work

How is the Holy Spirit at work in your life? What is your experience of the Holy Spirit? Have you been baptised with the Holy Spirit? Where are you at with you relationship with the Holy Spirit? Here are five ways that the Spirit can work in you.

1. The Holy Spirit can guide you

St Peters Holy Spirit window Perhaps you struggle with the idea of God speaking to you. You may have a sense of the Spirit bringing things to your mind but you don’t always express it as a coherent voice speaking to you.

In their book Experiencing God one great tip to hearing God, that Blackaby and King, outline is to look at how God is at work – in the world, in your neighbourhood and in you. Knowing what God is doing prompts you to bring things in you and around in the direction that God moving.

As you begin to see what God is doing – throw yourself into it. This is, as many people today are experiencing, a way that the Holy Spirit will guide you.

2. The Holy Spirit can make the Bible clear

When you are reading the Bible do you ever find that you understand something that perhaps you have been slightly hazy about in the past. You suddenly get it! And it appears so obvious to you now. You know what it means and what you need to be doing.

In some way you feel that you’ve known this for a long time but now it feels clearer and you get excited about it all again.

Perhaps, like me, having read so many others talking about it God envisions you for mission when reading Luke 10.

Or you get head over heals about God’s purposes when you’re in the middle of reading Ephesians after hearing that God is emphasising these chapters today.

3. The Holy Spirit can provoke you to worship

For many years now Christians have been exploring creativity in worship. New ways of worshipping are engaging people and invigorating their adoration of God such as meditative worship, prayer stations and prayer walls – where people can graffiti their praises or express themselves in other artistic ways.

This is just one way that I believe the Holy Spirit has been at work provoking people to worship.

4. The Holy Spirit can provoke you to thanksgiving

We have so much to be grateful for. It is so easy to fall into complaining and negativity which saps your spiritual strength. Just as many people are realising, thinking about how God has blessed us can revolution our attitude. It is as the Holy Spirit provokes us to gratitude you begin to experience God’s joy.

5. The Holy Spirit can comfort you

The Holy Spirit helps us to be more self-controlled and not fall into despair he is also a great comforter sympathising with us in our trials and disappointments. It is great to emphasise the positive but unless we are sensitive to others an over emphasis of this can have the unfortunate side effect of alienating those who are hurting.

Do I detect a trend that faith filled songs that have perhaps been a little over triumph-alistic are being replaced in popularity with more mature worship songs? I wonder if us the Holy Spirit is encouraging us to say whatever befalls us we will still trust God even when we don’t see God answering our deep heartfelt prayers.

So there are five ways that the Spirit can work within you. There are of course many more. What would you add?

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