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5 Worship Ideas from Greenbelt

Five ideas from the Worship Co-operative at Greenbelt this year that could be adapted as part of corporate worship in your church:

1. Placing stones on the cross

Prayer stations involved physical actions as prayers such as placing stones on a cross that was lying on the floor as a prayer for someone who you felt was heavy in heart. Most people came to the cross to do this. It was very naturally and there was no pressure to do this. In fact there was no pressure to do any of the activities.

2. Writing on the wall

In another time we were encouraged to write our thoughts and comments on some potentially controversial scripture verses on big sheets of paper on the walls or at another station we jotted down answers to a simple broad question on a sheet in a response to a thought provoking video that was looping.

3. Silent prayer or short sentences

Our prayers were often silent and individual. In one worship time we lit tee-light candles as a prayer for situations or people we knew or even ourselves. But on one occasion we could bless others while tying some wool round their wrist and this involved short one sentence prayers.

4. Attaching a ribbon

If there was a situation we wanted to see change and were praying for we were encouraged to write this on a ribbon and pin it to a cloth. Similarly in another station we could plat a ribbon to remember any loved one we had lost as we prayed about that situation.

5. Prayer station in an envelope

In one service each person was given an envelope as they came in. The envelope contained a number of items – a heart, a mirror, a feather and so on. We drew each one out in turn and were directed to meditate and pray silently about an issue related to that item.

There were some activities that were more elaborate than these and a lot of work had gone into them but I think these five would be good for ideas that we could start with.

September 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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