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7 CharisMissional Books under £13 each

UK Customers: to ensure that you get your book for under £10 check out the market place deals. These are still cheaper than the regular amazon price even with post and packing! And don’t forget if you are ordering for Christmas check what postage you will need to choose to ensure your book arrives on time.

These books would make great Christmas presents. I’ve reviewed them all on this blog and would recommend them.

Hometown Prophet

Hometown Prophet is a novel with a message. That message is this: don’t be sidetracked by some of the more judgemental aspects of evangelical subculture, God calls us to love everyone especially… more


‘Post-Charismatic?’ by Rob McAlpine is a very positive book considering that it is aimed primarily at those who may be disillusioned with the charismatic movement. In… more

Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes

Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes by Norway’s Leif Hetland is written for Christians needing encouragement. It is for all who believe in grace but need reminding… more

Small is Big

Do you want to know how God’s Spirit has been moving recently in the Western world and how you can get involved? Then you must get Small is Big. There are… more

The Forgotten Ways

The Forgotten Ways gives us a thorough explanation of what Alan Hirsch calls apostolic genius – six key aspects of the New Testament church that we should… more

The Forgotten Ways Handbook

The Forgotten Ways Handbook by Alan Hirsch and Darryn Altclass aims to introduce the ideas of The Forgotten Ways to a wider audience. You can apply these… more

The Tangible Kingdom

The Tangible Kingdom is an exhortation to Christians to get out of their insular bubble and build relationships with people outside the faith. It is an exhortation first to get to know them, then… more

November 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm
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  • November 20, 2012 at 8:54 pmJackie

    I recommend one more book. It’s from Jordan Seng. He is a minister from Hawaii, USA.

    He has online audio sermons and some short video teasers for sermons as well at YouTube if anyone wants to check him out.

    His ministry and teachings are the very definition of Charismissional.

    The book is called: “Miracle Work: A Down-To-Earth Guide For Supernatural People”

    Not trying to step on your list. I just thought you would like to read this book or at least hear some of his teachings on such things.
    He does charismissional ministry all the time. I know you will like him.

    I bought a copy for my Kindle. It’s a good read and flows very much from his online sermons (all of which are free at the church website).

    Hope you all can check it out. Jordan ministers all around the Asian theater throughout the year as well.

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