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7 charismissional Links

If you Google the word “charismissional” you will find loads of links. Ploughing my way through them I saved a few that I thought you might be interested in:

1. Gilliam Community Church

Gilliam Community Church describes itself as Charismissional linking to Grace’s original article in Porpoise Diving Life.

2. Cynthia

A home schooling mom shares some honest thoughts on the issue. She explains how she left a charismatic church and what she feels about that now. She ends by linking to Grace’s article on charismissional which she finds encouraging.

3. Paul Mayers

Jokingly using the term charismissional, actually in this post he sees some interesting connections between the post charismatics and the emerging church. Unfortunately Paul deserted the world of blogging for the wastelands of facebook a couple of years ago.

4. Jason Clark

This church planter in London currently blogging on posterous, in this post  laments the lack of reference to the Holy Spirit in the Emerging and Missional Church.

5. Calacirian on ‘It’s A Dance’

Calacirian raves here about a new book on the Holy Spirit which he thinks will appeal to charismissional or post-charismatic types as well as everyone who needs to experience the Holy Spirit. It’s a theological discussion come story as far as I can see based around the theological idea of the Trinity being a dance.

6. Cafe Church

Cid Latty, Café Church network leader article, discussing café church mentions the term charismissional in this article posted by Methodists Evangelicals Together. “Part of the thrill of serving in this context” he says “is that we have to remain keenly charismissional as we re-dream what church can be…”

7. Starfish network on ‘Post-Charismatic?’

In the midst of a number of reviews on Starfish network is one for Rob McAlpine’s ‘Post-Charismatic?’ pointing out how the book encourages those who have become post-charismatic to re-engage with the spirit in mission.

This list could go on.

September 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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