empowered by the spirit for mission

About CharisMissional

Welcome to CharisMissional – a blog to help Christians be empowered by the Holy Spirit for mission.

My name is David Derbyshire. I’m a Spirit-filled Christian with a passion for mission. I live in the inner city of Birmingham in the UK.

From Charismatic to CharisMissional

As a teenager I experienced the Holy Spirit in a little charismatic prayer meeting and have been following Jesus ever since. Over the years I hope I have become a little less arrogant than I used to be but I also hope that I haven’t lost my passion for God. I teach A level Psychology for a living and I am now involved in a mission project serving my local community in my spare time. You can read my story here.

Why CharisMissional

The word CharisMissional is a blend of the two words – charismatic and missional – that I feel are both very important to my Christian faith. You can read more about this here. Basically this site is dedicated to helping other Christians learn about the gifts of the Spirit and mission and to share their own insights and experiences in these areas.

I have been blogging since 2004 posting on my own personal blog with and I wanted to develop this more focused blog on the overlap of these two important areas.

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