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Baptised in the Spirit

This is one of the best videos I can find on baptism in the Spirit. This girl tells a very candid story of how she received the baptism in the Spirit despite some of her reservations. I too was baptised with the Spirit in an Assemblies of God church. Though I haven’t been part of a Pentecostal denomination for many years I am grateful to be still part of a church that believes and practices the baptism in the Spirit.

Manifestations of the Spirit

You don’t have to speak in tongues to be baptised with the Spirit but baptism with the Spirit is a clear definite experience that you know has happened. In the video the girl describes an amazing sense of peace and joy. But she also says some things that you may think are a little strange. Her tongue feels thick and heavy and she talks about being hot when she prays. Sometimes things like this happen but they are not that common.

Interpretation of Tongues

When she feels prompted to pray for her friend I think she points out something very interesting. She says that generally it’s not a good idea to speak in tongues in front of someone who doesn’t understand. I’d tend to agree with that but on this occasion God enabled the person to understand what she was saying in tongues. The Bible calls this is the gift of interpretation. My experience is that often when I speak in tongues or hear someone else speak in tongues I can interpret what is being said but not always.

Have you been baptised in the Spirit? What is your story?

October 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm
  • July 2, 2013 at 8:23 pmJackie

    How do you get baptized in the Spirit? Should you ask and then wait alone for it? Does someone need to lay hands on you? Can it be anyone that does that if so?

    If I wanted to lay hands on someone to receive it, what is the process and what should we look for once we have prayed and asked?

    Can any believer offer it to any other believer?

    • July 4, 2013 at 9:22 pmDavid Derbyshire

      Yes, ask and keep on asking.

      God may baptise you with his Spirit when you are alone or with others. If there are people in your church who are willing to pray for you for this then ask them. When we pray for one another we lay hands on each other as we see that in the Bible. Anyone can pray for you to receive the Spirit if they believe in doing so. It doesn’t have to be a church leader.

      Ultimately it is God who baptises in the Spirit rather than anything we do. We just ask.

      You will know when you’ve received the Spirit as baptism in the Spirit is an experience of great joy that gives you a confidence in sharing your faith and opens up the doorway to the gifts of the Spirit.

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