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Becoming CharisMissional

Finding God

At the age of eighteen I was searching to find the meaning of life. I had read a number of books on spirituality and a number of different religions when I decided to read the Bible. I then started to visit a nearby church. I wanted to learn more so I kept going every week and decided to go to their midweek prayer meeting too. It was there that first experienced the Holy Spirit. I heard people speaking in strange languages and began to speak in a language that I didn’t know too. I didn’t really understand what I was getting into. To tell the truth I didn’t even believe everything I was told about it at the time. But the result of this experience was one of overflowing joy and a desire that everyone could know about Jesus and experience the Holy Spirit too.

Early enthusiasm

I began talk to my parents and friends at work about my new found faith in Jesus and what I had experienced. This enthusiasm to talk to people about my faith continued despite me being naturally very introverted. At university I remember having deep conversations about even sometimes late into the night. Sometimes I wasn’t as tactful as I might have been and I wince now at some of the things that I said and I am sure that there were more extroverted Christians who talked about Jesus more than I did. Nevertheless I think like a lot of Christians that I would love to recapture some of that early enthusiasm.

Growing in God

Over the years the busyness of work as a college lecturer and more recently family life as well as getting involved in serving in the church has meant that conversations outside of my Christian circles took more of a back seat. But I have been no less passionate about my faith. I am someone who is never afraid to ask hard questions about my Christianity and so I am grateful for a church that has been so encouraging in my growth. As I have been stirred up to hear God more I’ve found myself able contribute in our meetings. And as I have learnt more about God I have begun to see how some of the ways I used to express ideas were oversimplifications or legalisms that may not always have been helpful. So that now, when I’m asked about my faith, I hope I sound a little less arrogant than I used to.

Missional projects

More recently I have been more involved in missional projects that are serving our local community here in the inner city of Birmingham in an area where there is massive unemployment and a significant number of refugees and asylum seekers. In our spare time my wife and I have set up a work club called WorkShop that meets every Thursday morning. We are working in partnership with Karis Neighbour Scheme – a local Christian charity, our church – Church Alive, and another local church – Church of the Redeemer who provides a room for us to use. Our church is also involved in ministry to the homeless and I have sometimes supported a Drop In Centre that at the moment works out of our little church building.

What about you?

I’m not claiming to know all about becoming CharisMissional. I’m still on a learning journey with this. Please feel free to share your experiences and what you have learnt about becoming CharisMissional in the comments below.

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