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Born Again by the Spirit Doesn’t Mean I’ve Got It All Sussed

Yes, that’s right being born again by the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that I’ve got it all sussed. There are some things I’m convinced of but others I still think are worth pondering without being dogmatic.

Yes, I am born again

Being born again is definitely my experience and one that I am proud of. Since I became a Christian in my teens I have seen the Holy Spirits role as being empowering us for witness. I have always believed that God will bring people to himself, give them a new life.

I believe that God became human in the incarnation. He walked on earth, people could see him and talk with him see and hear what he was like. But now Jesus has ascended and sits enthroned at the right hand side of the Father and God has sent his Spirit to us.

The challenge for us as Christians in this process is to have conversations about spiritual issues with those who are genuinely interested here on earth. Being quite shy I find these difficult to initiate. The frustration in not being able to do this can I come over very forced. But when I get this right, it is still something that I love to do.

But I still have some questions

Question markYes, that’s right, there are still aspects of being born again that I have questions about that after all these years I still think are worth pondering.

Born of water and of spirit?

I wonder what it means to be born of water and of Spirit in John 3:5 and what Titus 3:5 means by the washing of rebirth and renewal of the Spirit. It is interesting that in The Normal Christian Birth David Pawson uses these verses to see baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit as part of being born again.

Most evangelicals usually just refer to being born again as repentance and faith. This may well be right but believers in the NT were always baptised immediately and if they hadn’t had an experience of the Holy Spirit this was immediately put right. Shouldn’t we expect this today?

All will be made alive?

Also while I believe that it is important for people to make their own decision but it is interesting that there are verses that say things like this “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22), implying that God does or will ultimately save everyone.

One interesting book on this is the Evangelical Universalist. Though it has some quite persuasive arguments I’m not fully convinced that God does save everyone in the end. But the possibility is not as far fetched as a lot of evangelicals might think.

How should we pray?

Sometimes I hear people praying for people to be saved but I can see no New Testament president for this. What I do pray for is for the confidence to chat about these things with people who are really interested. And for those who do want to follow Jesus to have the experience of baptism of the Spirit.

Just some thoughts! I’d be fascinated to know what you think.

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