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Charisma Magazine’s Trends to Watch in 2012

Charisma Magazine – one of the most popular Christian magazines for charismatic Christians has made some predictions for 2012 in this post of twelve trends to watch. You’ll be glad to hear they are not about the end of the world or any other end time nonsense they’re mostly based on careful some observations of what is happening across the globe. Here’s my summary of them but please feel free to check out the link.

1. Record numbers of Christians will be martyrs

Every day over 400 Christians die for their faith around the world, mostly in Islamic countries. Charisma highlights the probable increases in persecution Africa such as in Nigeria, where Pentecostals are clashing violently with Islam.

2. The Asian church will take the lead in missionary ventures

The churches in India and China are growing immensely and sending more and more missionaries into Islamic countries and even into Europe and the West.

3. The Arab Spring will thaw resistance to the gospel

New opening for the gospel are appearing as Egypt, Syria & Libya have become more democratic – such as through Christian TV which Charisma assures us is “not the constant begging for money we hear on American TV”.

4. North America increasingly will be viewed as a needy mission field

Church attendance has been falling rapidly in the States and there are many overseas students from countries where Christianity is even more in the minority.

5. The debate over approving homosexuality will take centre stage

I certainly agree that how Christians should respond to GLBT issues is set to be one of the major controversies of the year in mainline, evangelical and Pentecostal churches.

6. America will experience a church-growth renaissance

Though many churches are closing many new non-traditional churches are being planted. Church growth Ed Stetzer predicts thousands of churches being planted this year (more than are closing). Is it over the top to say this could lead to an explosion on the scale of the Second Great Awakening?

7. The economic downturn will actually be good for the church

John Piper believes that in recession:
1. we depend on God more
2. non-Christians see efforts to reach them as love rather than exploitation;
3. people are more ready to hear about eternal life as they are less secure about earthly things
4. Christians are more generous as they have less material security.

8. Look for a radical reformation to occur in charismatic/Pentecostal churches

Charisma predicts more high profile scandals – moral & financial – as God purges the church. People will become more interested in authenticity, integrity and holiness than in hyped up showmanship, bizarre manifestations and prosperity teaching.

9. Denominations will be redefined

As a new generation of leaders develop some Pentecostal denominations will ditch old structures & policies and shift to be based more on relationships than on hierarchy. The ones that don’t will become increasingly irrelevant.

10. Many megachurches will stop trying to grow bigger and will instead branch out

Churches will plant out new congregations rather than just grow bigger. The shift will mean church becomes more personal and relational.

11. Disasters will continue, but Christians will often be the first responders

Natural disasters are increasing world wide perhaps this may be part of a cyclical pattern or it may be due to global warming. Rather than seeing this as anything to do with the end of the world Charisma predicts that Christian organizations and churches will show the mercy of Christ when more disasters inevitably hit in 2012.

12. Expect a supernatural surprise

The article ends by pointing out that ‘Our generation has never witnessed a revival’ and in typical charismatic fashion encouraging us to pray expectantly for one this year.

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    I just wanted to thank you for writing this article on Charisma magazine. I liked reading it. Best wishes, Julia 🙂

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