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Christian Outreaches at Mind Body Spirit Festivals

One exciting idea for a missional project for Christians is to have a stall at a Mind Body Spirit festival. There nearest I’ve come to this is running a prayer tent for our church at a local fun day but some groups have brought such ideas to mind body spirit events reaching out not just to the general public but specifically to spiritual seekers in this new age context. Dekhomai are one such group that do this on a regular basis but I have heard of at least a couple of other such ventures. This is something I would love to be involved in.

Why Mind Body Spirit festival?

These festivals are filled with people who are interested in spirituality and though they might already be into their brand of spirituality if Christianity is presented appropriately will be of great interest to them. If someone is looking for a spiritual touch of healing this is an opportunity to anoint with oil and lay hands on someone and to see God heal. Perhaps someone is looking for some guidance. Wouldn’t it be great to point them to Bible verses that have a bearing on the issue or even to bring a prophecy to them? This is the sort of thing people are very open to in this context.

How to get a stall at a Mind Body Spirit festival

One practical hurdle to doing this is the cost. There are a number of these Mind Body Spirit events occurring around the country. A church or group of churches or Christian group wanting to do this will need to hire a stall for the period the convention is occurring. They then need to plenty of material to offer and have a number of activities ready to engage people. This might just be tracts and offering prayer and but you would do well to tailor your approach and material to the sort of people that are there. Diakoma suggested some of the reJesus material and even the Jesus Deck. Check out the link – it’s not as dodgy as it sounds! But others might prefer to rely more on the Holy Spirit to bring prophecies to the people that they meet.

Mind Body Spirit events sound quite a challenge for a Christian

Of course it must be a challenge to do Christian outreach in such a context. All around are influences from other spiritualities that we need to respond to appropriately. I worry that in this context either Christians will appear too antagonistic condemning others involved in new age spirituality or that someone may to be too enthralled with everything else that is going on that this is a distraction to their own faith. There needs to be a loving acceptance of people and a humble presentation of the gospel in this context but as Christians we need to hold on to our distinctiveness as people who believe we have the answer. This is not an easy balance.

Still I think I would find such a missional adventure exciting and in some ways feel more comfortable bringing Christian spirituality to bear in a context of people seeking spiritual encounters than in a context when spirituality is not on people’s agenda.

January 24, 2012 at 6:00 pm

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