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Christmas – a Time to Remember the Incarnation

Christmas is not over. In fact we’re just in the middle of celebrating Christmas. Rather than just celebrating on one day it our family tradition to celebrate over all twelve days – by having some nice meals and exchanging some small gifts on each day.

The meaning of Christmas

Though we do send gifts we don’t really buy into a lot of the materialism associated with Christmas. A number of our presents are gifts given to a charity on behalf of the recipient or small gifts sold to raise money for a deserving course. For us, as for many Christian, Christmas is a time to remember the incarnation – how God was made flesh and became one of us humans.

What is the incarnation?

Joel Tarbutton is doing a series on how to walk in the ways of Christ – taking on Jesus identity and his behaviour. He sent me a link to his Christmas message looking at the incarnation – how Jesus humbled himself to take on not just human form – but that of a humble servant.

The king was born in feeding trough. This did not look like the perfect home for God – surely it should have been a more serine and sanitised home for the Son of God. Yet God comes to us as we are warts and all. We don’t have to have everything sorted out before we can come to God – he comes to us. Christ finds us in our mess before we are cleaned up and lifts us out of the muck and gives us something stable to build our lives on.

Incarnation and Kingdom

Mission is all about proclaiming God’s kingdom – a king that is willing to get involved in the mess of our lives and serving us in his selfless death.

One fascinating comment that Joel Tarbutton makes is “Christ obliterated all ideas of the sacred & the secular – the incarnation means that there is no longer secular space only kingdom space.”

It looks like he’s going to say more about Kingdom in the coming weeks. So it might be worth checking back to this page to hear his later talks.

December 27, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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