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Chrysalis by Rob McAlpine

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In this next Porpoise Diving Life article Chrysalis, Rob McAlpine, who blogs under the name of Robbymac discusses his fascinating perspective on what it means to be CharisMissional for those who have left churches – particularly charismatic churches. You may recall a couple of week’s ago I blogged about Robbymac’s book ‘Post Charismatic?’

As he discussed in his book charismatic and Pentecostal churches are the fastest growing churches world-wide. Yet in the West there are a number of people leaving charismatic churches and needing time to get over the effects from some of the abuses and extremes before they become active in their faith again.

Robbymac suggests that during this time of ‘detoxing’ from church some people may actually discover a new emphasis on God’s kingdom in their everyday life. Instead of wanting to bring people to church they get motivated to reach out to their friends and share the kingdom with them.

He uses the metaphor of a chrysalis to explain this process. During the chrysalis stage a caterpillar appears to have died but actually it is transforming into a butterfly.

Robbymac has observe people who have left churches going out and serving the poor and marginalised – being Jesus to them – and also praying for people to be healed and set free. One of the Bible passages inspiring them is Luke 10. Robbymac has watched those who have got over their previous bad experiences of church come back to life, so to speak. He has noticed them distancing themselves from previous abuses and excesses of charismatic life. But he also notes that many are still desperate to find a way to go in the power of the Spirit in their new missional context. Read the article here.

I’ll conclude this series on Wednesday.

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August 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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