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Church from Scratch

I’m trying to get my head around this little video from an church planting organisation called Church from Scratch. I’m not sure what the title of the video means just play it and see what you think.

It appears to make a very good point that as Christians we can ‘build walls’. I think what it is getting at is that we can be in some way isolated from the culture we are in. All our friends are Christians and we find that we tend to exclude those outside even though we do want to reach out to them. It can become a bit forced we are trying to pull people in and get them to be like us. Breaking down the walls like these is a good thing. Of course I don’t think that they mean we should lose our distinctiveness – we still need to be godly – just that we should not be unnecessarily different.

What I don’t really get is what they mean by the person going out – a long way out. If they mean leaving the church in order to plant another one then I’m not sure that this is good. If they mean sent out by the church but still in relation then I feel that I would be more comfortable with that. What we plant doesn’t necessarily need to be a clone of the church we are planting out from.

But I wonder if planting churches is the only way to break down this wall. Shouldn’t we be looking to reform what we are part of and make it more like the church we have a vision for? Do we really need to start from scratch again?

December 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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