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Hometown Prophet by Jeff Fulmer

A book review

Hometown Prophet is a novel with a message. That message is this: don’t be sidetracked by some of the more judgemental aspects of evangelical subculture, God calls us to love everyone especially the marginalised.

This book is aimed at Christians. Jeff Fulmer assumes that you know the gospel and are familiar with charismatic churches. The novel isn’t intended as a gospel tract even though it opens with Pete’s encounter with God and many of the Nashville Bible-Belters come back to God at the end.

I found Hometown Prophet’s plot gripping and unpredictable and the characters believable. The observations throughout made me laugh out loud in recognition. There were also poignant moments that had me in tears – particularly the scenes involving Jesse the homeless man.

Prophetic dreams and predictive personal prophecies, like those of Peter Quill, are not how most charismatics hear from God and in reality would need a lot of sifting. I was impressed how this loner on the fringe of the church worked at involving others especially his pastor in figuring out his dreams – even if he doesn’t always get his own attitude right.

That’s right, not every aspect of Pete’s behaviour is exemplary, far from it sometimes, but God still uses him to challenge the deliberately hurtful, irresponsible and hypocritical behaviour of others.

If you are not already convinced about some of the points that Hometown Prophet makes such as how we should relate to Islam or to the environment or how we should interpret the Bible responsibly then hopefully this novel will drive you to find out more and put into practice what you learn.

Jeff Fulmer can definitely tell a great story, But Hometown Prophet is more than that. It has an important message to the church today.


October 23, 2012 at 6:00 pm
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