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How often do you speak in tongues? – the results

Thank you for all your responses to the poll asking how often you speak in tongues. Here are the results.

Interesting that no-one says that they did once but don’t anymore. It is encouraging that those who have recived this gift do continue to use it.

It also is interesting that so many people would say that they speak in tongues occasionally. I intended this to mean less than every few days but I cannot be sure as the poll randomised the order in which the options were displayed. But assuming that people did take it to mean this it means a number of tongue speakers do so perhaps once a week or once a fortnight or less.

I probably speak – or a least think – in tongues most days. As my wife pointed out sometimes we forget how often we do this and so we don’t feel that we speak in tongues as much as we really do. And just like Linda who also commented on the post I speak in tongues mostly in my own devotions in the comments but it is not limited to a specific time. It is something I can do in any odd moment as I go about my daily routine.

There are times in charismatic worship where lots of people speak in tongues all at the same time. It could be that this is the time that they use the gift. Interestingly I only rarely join in with such times but occasionally I do feel prompted to speak in tongues out loud and then interpret what I have prayed back into English.

For those who don’t speak in tongues and want to know a bit more I suggest having a look at my earlier post on baptism in the Spirit.

October 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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