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John Crowder on Baptism with the Spirit

Here is another outline of baptism with the Spirit for those who are interested in this idea. As I’ve said before baptism with the Spirit is something I would encourage all Christians to experience. And if it is already your experience I would encourage you to continue to live in and look into the Bible to understand more.

This outline is by John Crowder whose teaching is surprisingly sound and biblical considering some of the excesses of his meetings and claims that he makes – that I’ve already discussed elsewhere.

Believers already have the Holy Spirit

In this video he discusses the notion that some have that we receive the Holy Spirit as a second blessing at some point after believing in Jesus. Crowder argues from Collosians 2:9-10 that godhead dwells in Christ so if Christ is in us – so is the Spirit and the Father for that matter. So the Trinity cannot be separated this way.

Instead he describes the experience of baptism with the Spirit – which he most certainly believes in – as having our senses tangibly immersed, overcome or filled with the Spirit.

Baptism with the Spirit is just the first of many infillings

He then quickly goes on to say that this is not just a one time experience but we are encouraged to be continually filled – finding our excitement and ecstasy in Christ.

I don’t think his point is to deny that there is an experience separate from believing in Jesus where this happens but simply to say that it is should be just the first of many such experiences of being filled with the Spirit. Though there are deep ecstatic experiences where people are completely overcome with the Spirit there is also the immense joy of continual living in God’s presence as we drink in the Spirit every moment of every day.

But he makes the point that when we are first filled with the Spirit – this experience of baptism with the Spirit simply means that we have begun to drink from a well that is already in us.

Do even unbelievers have the Spirit?

Interestingly and perhaps more controversially Crowder goes further to say that even unbelievers have God within them but in a hidden way. He argues this from Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill where Paul quotes the pagan writer who says ‘in him we live and move and have our being… we are his offspring’.

Crowder sees salvation is the result of recognising our true identity – that in reality we are not separated from God that we have separated ourselves from God by becoming his enemies. In Acts 8 – believers did not know about the Holy Spirit – it wasn’t that they didn’t have the Holy Spirit – they just didn’t know it.

He also sees Romans 8:9 not as saying that some people don’t belong to God instead Paul is simply saying that disobedient believers who say they have the Spirit should be reflecting the life of Christ.

I’m not so sure that I follow all of this last point but I think that his point is to emphasise that our experience of baptism of the Spirit is not when the Holy Spirit comes into us as the Holy Spirit is not just there because we have believed but was even within us before as he is omni-present.

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