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My Google A to Z of Missional

A quick way to research what people are searching for on the internet is to use Google’s predictive feature. You start typing a word and Google with give you a few suggestions based on popular searches. By typing a word followed by each letter of the alphabet it is easy to collate an A to Z of that topic by just picking one of the four words or phrases that Google gives you.

google missional

A is for Missional Alliance

B is for Bible – ten scriptures on missional by Ed Stetzer

C is for missional communities as in CMS’s small missional communities

D is for Defining Missional – what does it actually mean?

E is for Missional Entrepreneur – making social enterprises missional

F is for missional formation – see these top ten books from Jesus Creed on missional formation

G is for God of Mission or Missio Dei

H is for hermeneutics – watch this video on how we interpret the Bible in the light of mission

I is for imagination. Here is Mike Frost speaking on Missional Imagination

J is for joining God in the neighbourhood. This is what missional is all about. Buy the book Missional: Joining God in the Neighborhood from or

K is for Keller as in Tim Keller. In this short but important video he distinguishes between missional and evangelistic

L is for leadership as in the MA in Missional Leadership at Springdale College

M is manifesto. Read Ed Stetza’s blog posts under the heading Missional Manefesto here

N is for Network as in The Missional Network – a team of ministries coaching and supporting missional leaders

O is for order – missional orders are related to new monasticism. As in this post by the Blind Begger

P is permaculture as in the Missional Permaculture Network – Christians seeking to be missional through permaculture – an organic approach to gardening. They are on facebook here

Q is for quotes. There are some missional quotes from Good Reads here

R is for Rhythms. Missional Rhythms by David Fitch

S is for Songs – a playlist of missional songs on YouTube here

T is for theology. There are four elements of missional theology from Jesus Creed here

U is for urban. God is moving in the inner city with organisations like Urban Expression

V is for verses as in missional verses evangelistic (see K is for Keller) or missional verses attractional. Mike Frost explains this here:

W is for Missional Wear – come on! Is wearing a t-shirt with a Christian slogan on it really being missional?

X is for Generation X which has been a topic discussed in missional circles. There is a cool looking guy talk about this here

Y is for Youth Ministry. How can we make youth ministry more missional? asks Steve Knight.

Z is for zip code – in the UK we call it a postcode. Demographic data on your area can be important in assessing the culture and the needs of the people you are aiming to reach.

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