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My Google A to Z of the Holy Spirit

A quick way to research what people are searching for on the internet is to use Google’s predictive feature. You start typing a word and Google with give you a few suggestions based on popular searches. By typing a word followed by each letter of the alphabet it is easy to collate an A to Z of that topic by just picking one of the four words or phrases that Google gives you.

googling Holy SpiritUsing this technique here is my Google A to Z of the Holy Spirit:

A is for “aint got a pen” as in “the Holy Spirit ain’t got a pen” Russell Brand’s response to the members of Westboro Baptist Church when discussing inspiration of scripture

B is for Bryan and Katie Torwalt from the Jesus Culture Music of Bethel Church who sing about the Holy Spirit

C is for Bryan and Katie’s ‘Holy Spirit Chords’

D is for dove and then when you’ve typed dove Google then suggests “dove tattoo”!

E is for experience such as the tremendous experience with the Holy Spirit described by Denzil Washington

F is for female depictions of the Holy Spirit – controversial!

G is for Gettymusic resources for churches by Keith & Kristyn Getty.

H is for hymns such as “Holy Spirit Living Breath of God”

I is for “in the world today” as in “Holy Spirit in the World Today” a conference organised by Holy Trinity Brompton’s Alpha ministries

J is for Jesus Culture

K is for Kim Walker another American singer, songwriter and worship leader

L is for “living breath of God”

M is for “move me now” as in “Holy Spirit Move Me Now” another song this time by Vinesong

N is for novena – prayers for nine successive days such as the nine days before Pentecost (a Catholic tradition)

O is for “of fire” as in “Holy Spirit of Fire” a more traditional hymn

P is for Pentecost

Q is for quotes about the Holy Spirit from the Bible and from Christian writers and speakers, which abound on the internet

R is for “rain down” as in “Holy Spirit Rain Down” by Hillsong

S is for school. It is amazing how many Catholic schools are named after the Holy Spirit. You need to put “sp” before you get speaking in tongues!

T is for “thou art welcome in this place” as in “Holy Spirit Though Art Welcome in This Place”

U is for university – as well as schools there are other Catholic educational institutions such as the “Holy Spirit University of Kaslik” in France

V is for videos not just of songs but of people encountering the Holy Spirit in some unusual ways

W is for worship songs such as “Holy Spirit We Welcome You” by Chris Bowater and many of the others already mentioned.

X is for XVI as in Pope Benedict XVI (although I have heard a rumour that Pope Francis I is more open to the Holy Spirit than his predecessor)

Y is for “you are welcome here” as in “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Z is for Zac Poonen – a preacher, teacher and writer who among other topics has written about the Holy Spirit.

Please try this yourself to see if you come up with something similar or try different words.

April 10, 2013 at 6:00 pm
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