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New Wine School of Missional Leadership – Part 1

One of the aspects of New Wine summer conference that I really enjoyed was the seminars. The main set of seminars that I went to was the school of missional leadership. Over the next three days I plan to blog some of my notes from them. Sorry these are so rough and sketchy. I trust that they will make some sense to you.

What is Missional Leadership?

Reporter's notebookMark Carey led the school and began by quoting Mike Breen’s definition of a missional leader “someone who mobilises God’s people to join his redemptive work in the world”

It is important to get to the point where you hear what God is calling you to do and don’t just keep things going in the church. Get other people to this point too. Get others on board with you. Build a team. Multiply!

Get others to imitate you – don’t just do it all yourself. Giving work over to others may mean settling for a lower standard. It might be the most unlikely one will travel with you – some may be there for a time – like booster rockets.

All can be on this mission – even those with special needs. But it requires being a radically committed disciple.

Low Control and High Accountability

An important principle was one of low control but high accountability. What did he mean by this?

Low control means we need to get them to a point to hear God for themselves rather than telling people what to do. This may involve allowing people to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.

High accountability means reminding people of the goals they set themselves and ask people how they are doing with respect to these goals. I think if they haven’t yet achieved them then we could ask questions such as: Has anything changed? What are the barriers?

Group Work

As well as a talk most days we also had time for group work. In this first session Mark Carey finally asked us to discuss what God had highlighted to us from this and what we were going to do about it.

Listening for Deeper Mission and Multiplication

In addition to the missional leadership school I also went to this additional seminar on listening for deeper mission and multiplication with Bob and Mary Hopkins where we looked at ‘360 degree listening’. This complimented what we were learning in the school well.

Examine the ‘mission field’ of the community you wish to reach – spy out the land – observe and listen to your community – as well as wider society and observe and listen to your people/team/church/etc as well as to God and to the scriptures

Collect information e.g. facts and figures, but also use intuition/instinct and inspiration (what God shows us).

Where are the hubs where people gather? Try to understand how relationships work in your area for instance we could ask “Are there networks based on location?” and “Are there networks by association?”

We were encouraged to test out things and reflect as our assumptions about the mission field may need adjusting!

God has a complete answer to our situation and so we need to plumb the depths of the gospel in how we present gospel. For instance as we build friendships we show people that God wants to be people’s friends.

More tomorrow…

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