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Here are more my notes from the School of Missional Leadership including the Character of a Missional Leader and a Disciple Who Makes Disciples as well as an extra seminar on by Andy Hawthorne who has initiated a number of missional enterprises.

Character of Missional Leader

Jesus followed a cultural model of a Rabbi when he invited people to follow him. How do we invitee people today into our lives?

I don’t usually like football but I was deeply touched by this powerful clip that Diane Kershaw showed us from Chasing Eric that highlights to importance of building relationship and working together.

Dianne went on to outline some principles of team work. Talk to God about people more than you talk to people about God she said and Challenge those who want to be in a challenging environment but leave others alone.

Jesus modelled vulnerability – people saw him in his most dire moments going to the cross. Be vulnerable – recognise where you’ve got things wrong and admit it – good spiritual recovery involves forgiveness and repentance.

Some people may feel unsafe if you are too vulnerable but there are some you can talk more deeply with who will be helped by you sharing your weaknesses.

New day of enterprise

Later that day I went to another additional seminar with Andy Hawthorn of the Message Trust.

Andy Hawthorn said that three things that vulnerable people who come to Christ need: a job, a good home and a supportive community. But today 20% young people unemployed, 10% graduates.

The Eden Project brings together Christ centred domestic enterprise (giving people jobs), creative arts and community transformation.

Following in footsteps of Booth’s Salvation Army match factories – the Message Trust developed 5 enterprises: hair & beauty, café, wedding business, cycle recycling and a building team.

Andy Hawthorn believes that the church is positioned perfectly to provide work for unemployed people.

A disciple who makes disciples

On the next day Nick Haigh explained how we all have different personalities some prefer to be a sheep – happy in our relationship with Christ – others prefer to be shepherds and activists.

Some of us need to make an effort to realise our responsibility to disciple others rather than just take time on our own to pray – others – visa versa.

He encouraged us to meet in a ‘huddle’ with those 4 to 12 people we are doing mission with. Discuss how you live your life in 3 dimensions – up (spirituality), in (support network), out (service) and ask how it is going for them, he said. You may need to explain spirituality however it is appropriate if they are not Christians.

September 10, 2013 at 6:00 pm
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  • March 10, 2014 at 8:12 pmPainfull

    I believe what you are chnagelling us to do is simply to fulfill the Great Commission [Matt 28:18-20]. Can we say we are following Christ a definition of a disciple if we are not making other followers [Matt 4:19]? Individuals, in particular, small groups, and churches must be about our Father’s business [Luke 2:49]. May God help us to take that Snow White story look in the mirror to evaluate whether or not we are bearing fruit for our Father’s glory, or being dead branches [John 15:1-16].

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