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New Wine School of Missional Leadership – Part 3

Concluding this series here are the rest of my notes from the School of Missional Leadership.

Missional leadership on purpose

The following day Mick Woodhead said something that really spoke to me at the beginning of his talk: ‘The place for healing is on the mission field not at the front of the church”.

He then went on to explain how in last ten years people can follow many people over the internet – but it is good to follow people who are next door and available.

As a starter he suggested listing the top ten people who are most likely to see you as a role model (apart from your family).

His main point on how to find people to lead involved what he called the 4Rs


From Luke chapter 10 he told us to look for what he called “the person of peace”
• the person who likes you – they chat with you
• listens to you – they are interested in you
• serves you – they get you a cup of coffee
Of these people particularly choose those who people gather around or who go round to people.

He suggested include University students if you can as these are the most under reached group in our country

Raise them up

Linking back to what Nick Haigh had set he encouraged us to meet with them, huddle with them (even if it’s just four of you briefly over coffee once a month), get them on board.


Give them opportunity to serve and apprentice them.

Resource them

Provide them with everything you have

Missional Leadership: What will be!

Mark Carey rounded off the school by looking getting us to think what we had learned and to begin to think about planning for the future.


His main concern was that we were discipled primarily by Jesus but also by someone following Jesus – mainly in character but maybe also in competence – but could find that elsewhere – it’s up to you to look.

A test he suggested for those you attempt to make yourselves accountable to is do they say “how have you got on with what we talked about before?” If they say this – especially if it makes you squirm because you haven’t done anything – this is a good sign that they are good people to disciple you.

Mark Carey has a monthly huddle via skype call including others being huddled. But it might be better for it to be more often, he said.

“I need some accountability I need someone to say, “How are you getting on with this”? I cannot do this on my own or I will be continually picked off by the enemy. You have to go after and find other people you can be accountable to.”


God's TimeMark encouraged us to take small steps – not too many steps at once or we miss out too much. Focus more on the process for our sake and those we are leading not too much on the destination. It may involve deliberately stopping something or letting some things slip so that you can concentrate on what God want you to be doing.

He encouraged us to get on and ‘Just do something’ and then evaluate it as we go.

The Greek word Kairos in Mark 1:14 the time he explained means an opportune moment – a time of breakthrough. In this time we are to repent by observing, reflecting and discussing and then believe by planning accounting (being making yourself accountable) and acting:

Mark Carey concluded by exhorting us in our missional contexts to look at what has happened, what is happening now and set goals of what will be.

September 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm
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  • March 11, 2014 at 3:16 amAdam

    Now that’s a new twist. But when you look at the new age/relativistic world view that seems to dominate our crutlue it’s the Church at large that probably needs to be more missional than evangelical. We, as Christians, think that the predominant world view is HIGHLY illogical. I mean how can truth be relative? How can evil and good co-exist? How can multiple religions at complete opposition to each other all lead to the same God? It makes no sense. Through the lens of Christ all that stuff seems, well . stupid. On the other side, from their standpoint, they probably think we’re off our rocker.I think we live in a post Christian crutlue. It’s here. It’s now. I think we need to be more missional. Evangelism is important but you can only evangelize those willing to listen. A missional church/person (my opinion) earns the right to be heard. There is something so un-mistakenly different, about us a Christians that people want to know what our hope is. They see our deeds and can’t help but see our Father in heaven ( I think I read that somewhere ). Our lifestyle is what attracts them and then, then when they are really ready to listen, then when they have no way to explain or understand OUR hope within THEIR world view, they give us their ear and that’s where conversion begins, no? I’m no theologian but that’s how I read it.Jesus didn’t so much evangelize (again my opinion) the crutlue, but engage it, and made himself relevant. Jesus is just as relevant today as He was when He walked this planet in human form. He is alive in us and we must likewise engage the crutlue, on their level, without compromise to the mission we have been charged with.Or something like that ..

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