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Planting New Life in Detroit’s Vacated Landscape

DetroitI’ve just found this article in Christianity Today about how Christians are on the forefront of a new urban food growing movement spearheaded in Detroit in the States.

Community involvement and particularly food growing is something my wife and I are into. I’ve just posted on my personal blog about our local urban food growers meeting.

Just a few weeks ago I posted about how Jonny Baker said that some small missional communities where meeting among other places on allotments and seeking to transform their communities.

Here are some quotes from the Christianity Today article:

So what is happening in Detroit?

Detroit isn’t exactly an agricultural paradise. Drive across the city, built for 2 million residents, and signs of decline are everywhere. But all the empty and unused land makes Detroit an urban gardener’s heaven. But community development is hard when 70 percent of the houses are empty.

How do they do they make community gardening work?

They sell their produce at local farmers’ markets

Is it just small scale community gardens?

Gardening is good, but it’s not enough to fill the gap in this city. We need some large-scale farms in the city that would make better use of the natural resources.

So what is their mission strategy?

‘A single patch of land allows Christians to minister in a nonthreatening way’, Hebron says. Her church recently baptized neighbors who became involved in the Oakland Avenue garden. The church and this initiative are impacting people’s lives in a way that is saying we accept them and love them and they make a difference to us.

Please follow the link and have a look.

January 30, 2013 at 2:16 pm
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