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Reach Out Network – ministry to the homeless

Concluding our short series on missional project Reach Out Network is another ministry that you might like to support. RON exist primarily to serve the needs of the homeless sleeping rough in and around the city centre in Birmingham and to bring God’s love into the lives of needy people. Reach Out Network touch many people’s lives each week. Reach Out Network is headed up by a friend of mine Paul Atkin. Paul is financed by individual sponsors through stewardship services. Those who sponsor Paul or who help with Reach Out Network are not limited to one church.

Tackling homelessness

Homelessness is a big problem in Birmingham and Reach Out Network is tackling it.

I have found it quite an eye opener to join them on the streets giving out soup and sandwiches, chatting and praying with some of the rough sleepers. It’s just wonderful how they create a safe place in which people are very happy to open up. Rather than expecting people to come to them Paul – as some outreaches like this do – and his team walk around the city centre and know many of the places that rough sleepers gather.

As the team ventures out into the city centre a couple of nights a week people are fed and conversations about Jesus sparked off very naturally.

Running a Drop In Centre

Paul also runs a weekly Drop in Centre that currently operates from our little church building the Ledbury Centre. As well playing games like snooker and dominoes and chatting over coffee and sandwiches there is usually a short talk with a Christian focus in the middle of the day.

I think it is amazing how a number of people from different churches are involved in this – all pulling together. Paul is part of our church but he is from a Pentecostal background.

There is quite a mix of people that also come to the drop in that they run at the Ledbury Centre. Some are members from churches in and around Birmingham coming to help, some are currently or have been homeless others just come for somewhere to go. There is a great family feel to the place and everyone can play their part.

Promoting the work through Awareness Days

Reach Out Network also hosts Prayer and Awareness Days with presentations from other organisations, giving opportunity to pray for them and the needs in the city. Reach Out Network have good links with many other groups in the city and know exactly the right place to refer people to where they will get the appropriate help. The next Awareness Day includes some will be on March 10th and includes some exciting developments.

Paul is a missionary here in the city centre of Birmingham and is well worth supporting.

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