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Seven Spirits Burning by John Crowder

A book review

This is fairly scholarly expositional teaching on the Holy Spirit from John Crowder – a hyper-charismatic preacher with a Latter Rain heritage.  The odd turn of phrase did jar a little but overall I found Seven Spirits Burning surprisingly satisfying. I particularly liked the fact that it is very positive about the Kingdom of God.

Seven Spirits Burning contains some sound teaching on the seven aspects of the Spirit found in Isaiah 11:2. It shows how first and foremost the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord, but also how the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, and finally of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. John Crowder draws on many scriptures and uses a variety of translations. He has produced some well written arguments that give some good general principles about how the Spirit works. I’ve read quite a few prophetic revivalist type books. Seven Spirits Burning is much more Biblical and better written than most.

But, as is the case with many books from these circles, I would be cautious of what Seven Spirits Burning says about miracles. For instance I wouldn’t advise pulling a wheelchair user out of their chair as a young boy does in one of the illustrations. And I am sorry but I just don’t believe some of the bizarre claims John Crowder makes; I wonder if he is actually joking, which elsewhere in the book he does admit to sometimes doing. He also tells some of the more far-fetched stories from church history as if they were facts. Nevertheless these tall stories are only a small part of Seven Spirits Burning.

If you are happy with or can cope with John Crowder’s occasional aberrations then you can learn much about the true working of the Holy Spirit from this book.


Thanks to Mike Morrell of the SpeakEasy Network for sending me this book to review free of charge.

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December 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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