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Small Is Big

A book review

Do you want to know how God’s Spirit has been moving recently in the Western world and how you can get involved? Then you must get Small is Big. There are books around on small groups and church planting but this book, originally published as The Rabbit and the Elephant in 2009, combines the knowledge of the organic church movement from researcher George Barna with wisdom from skilled practitioners Tony and Felicity Dale.

It is ideal if you want to start a church in your home or in someone else’s. I also found it pretty useful as a member of an existing home group. Small is Big outlines the present growth of simple or organic churches that has been quietly mushrooming over the past couple of decades. It explains simply some of the underpinning principles particularly looking at passages such as Luke chapter 10 where Jesus sends out the 72. Small is Big gives you some practical tips of how we can outwork these in 21st century world illustrated with real life case studies.

These principles can be quickly put to work a group you are setting up or even in your existing group. Some tips such as how to organise meals together you can start applying right away. Others are more strategic, such as appointing leaders with authority based on relationship, when to plant out and how and even whose house to meet at.

The idea of continually planting out new small groups is a good one and does appear to be a key to church growth. But why churches have growth spurts is often very illusive. Small is Big might be a bit too prescriptive for some particularly if you are already in an existing group. Nevertheless there is much to learn from this encouraging book.


September 19, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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