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Stop Waiting for the Spirit

I ended my previous post with the words “So what are you waiting for?” How can I say “stop waiting”? Aren’t we commanded to wait for the Spirit? After all didn’t Jesus say to his followers that they must wait for the gift the father had promised – that is the gift of the Holy Spirit? Surely if the early disciples had to wait so do we?

The Holy Spirit has already been given

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?We often talk about waiting for the Spirit but today as Christians we do not have to wait at all. The Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost. The Spirit was given to the church then. There is no more waiting.

When we follow Jesus by turning from our previous way of life in repentance and embracing a new way by faith then we become eligible to receive the Holy Spirit in the same way that the first decuples did.

You can receive the Holy Spirit now

If what you mean by waiting is fervently asking and drinking now but nothing is happening then don’t give up. But the baptism in the Spirit is something you can experience straight away. Don’t delay your asking or receiving by saying well I’m waiting on God for his time.

You don’t have to wait until we are mature or until a certain time has passed. You’re not in the same position as the first disciples during that ten day period. You can experience the Holy Spirit straight away. Stop waiting and start receiving!

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How to Receive the Baptism in the Spirit

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