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Sweet Notions – a missional social enterprise

Over the next few weeks I want to do a series of posts on missional projects – that are either very inspiring or that I am involved with in some way. These are all worthy of your support in some way or other and you may find ideas here of something that you could do in your own community. I’ll start of with Sweet Notions a brilliant idea for a social enterprise.

What is Sweet Notions?

Sweet Notions collect used jewellery and accessories sell the good stuff at mobile boutique events or pop-up shops. With the money from these events then train women rescued from trafficking, addiction and homelessness to create products using the rest of the items as raw materials. At what they call design camps these girls develop these craft skills in an enjoyable and therapeutic environment. This produces more goods to be sold.

The result is much more upmarket than a charity shop. Getting into more lavish places the produce is highly valued as stylish and socially responsible.

How can I be involved in Sweet Notions?

It’s well worth buying from them or donating your old accessories or your time to help them as a volunteer. You might even want to set up a franchise of this in your own area.

Not only is this a way to recycle your old good enabling you to de-clutter valuable space in your house it is also helping many vulnerable women who are getting their lives together. This is growing social enterprise that is being replicated in a many areas. Shannon Hopkins started this in the States but is also operating in London and others are also looking at and starting to run with this idea.

Of course it’s a lot of work and running around collecting the stuff, organising events but if you work with or have contact with a vulnerable group that could benefit from this it could be well worth your while.


There website appears to be down at the moment. When it’s back I’ll let you know!

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    A great article about Sweet Notions, Wishing them the best of look

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