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Porpoise Diving Life on CharisMissional

And so we conclude the series on the CharisMissional articles from the October 2007 edition of The Porpoise Diving Life. I hope you enjoyed them. Here is a recap:

Grace on CharisMissional encourages Christians who are not from a charismatic background to be open to the supernatural and those who are from a charismatic background to be more open to using the gifts in mission.

Grace on Inner Healing points out that God’s mission is to bring shalom. Inner healing doesn’t have to be hyped up or associated with the bizarre. God can use deliverance to bring real freedom and wholeness to individuals.

Brother Maynard on Evangelism outlines power evangelism and lifestyle evangelism. He recommends his own blend of the two that include relationship, conversation and prayer, which he dubs charismissional evangelism.

Chrysalis by Rob McAlpine makes the fascinating observation that some of those who have left churches can still bring God’s kingdom to others and may even be desperate to find new ways to move in the Spirit as they become active in their faith again.

These are just a few of the articles in that edition of Porpoise Diving Life. Please feel free to explore the other articles. On a post on his own blog Brother Maynard introduces the edition and links to all the articles here. Why not have a look at them and perhaps discuss them here in the comments or do some link posts to them in your own blog? It would be great to know what you think about them.


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Brother Maynard on Evangelism

The next article that I want to look at is CharisMissional Evangelism by Brother Maynard.

Signs and wonders are one hallmark of charismatic evangelism. John Wimber popularised this idea in the 1980s in his book Power Evangelism. The basic idea was that supernatural gifts such as healing should accompany the proclamation of the gospel. This view is still held today in many churches. I can understand that some may fear that this may discredit the gospel if the healings promised do not materialise but I still feel that this can be a valid practice.

Brother Maynard points out that also during the 1980s in other circles there was a growing emphasis on Lifestyle Evangelism. ‘Sharing our faith’ has often meant just entering into a dialogue about Jesus. On the other hand Lifestyle Evangelism stresses the importance of demonstrating our faith in our lives. Of course for lifestyle evangelism to really be evangelism we must never forget to mention Jesus!

Power Evangelism and Lifestyle Evangelism both involve ‘proclamation’ and ‘demonstration’ but in different ways. Brother Maynard recommends we ‘proclaim’ the gospel by having natural conversations with people who want to discuss issues of faith and we demonstrate the gospel both by letting people see how our faith in applied to our everyday lives and by offering to pray for people’s needs in low key ways. Though he has some misgivings about the word ultimately this is what he would call CharisMissional Evangelism.

You can find Brother Maynard’s article here.

Stay tuned for another CharisMissional article from Porpoise Diving Life soon.

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Grace on Inner Healing

In this next article from Porpoise Diving Life, blogger Emerging Grace (now Kingdom Grace) reminds us that pursuing a missional life means being ministers of reconciliation.

We are ambassadors of Jesus sent with a message of the kingdom that people can be reconciled to God. The message of the Kingdom should not be seen as just a get out of hell ticket for when you die. It should be seen as introducing people to the God’s kingdom. And as his reign and rule is expanded in their lives now Jesus brings inner healing, freedom and peace.

Grace sees God’s mission – the missio Dei – as including bringing shalom to people. Shalom doesn’t just mean peace it also means, and I would say is perhaps better translated as, wholeness. Grace in her experiences as a charismatic has seen some bizarre things in the area of deliverance. But despite the hype she also knows that God brings genuine freedom through this process. She would like to see inner healing and deliverance removed from the realm of the weird and wacky.

Grace ends by quoting Matthew 10:7-8

As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

This post just gives a tantalising peek at this topic. There is so much more to explore. How do we guard against the hype that she mentions? She explores inner healing but what about physical healing? How do we apply the verses about casting out demons today? What do you think?

You can find Grace’s article here.

I’ll look at what another contributer, Brother Maynard, says about healing and evangelism next.

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Grace on CharisMissional

The name for this blog is not original. On the website of the Porpoise Diving Life you can find several articles from their October 2007 issue that discusses this idea of CharisMissional. In my next few post I want to link to some of these articles so that you can see what they say about being CharisMissional.

Emerging Grace now blogging under the name of Kingdom Grace, was the one who coined the word. I’m not sure what her real name is so I’ll just call her Grace. I want to kick off with her article ‘Why CharisMissional?’

Grace’s heart is that those who are not from a charismatic background should be open to the supernatural, and embrace the Holy Spirit in mission. It does not have to look like charismatic hype it can be just whatever grace we need in a given situation. Likewise those from a charismatic background need to rediscover God’s call to mission and express the gifts in ways that truly serve others rather than themselves.

Speaking as a charismatic I must shout a loud ‘Amen’ to this! Even with our experience of the Holy Spirit and the charismatic gifts it all too easy to ignore God’s voice calling us to those outside the church. I agree wholeheartedly that we need to be charismatics outside of our gatherings as well as in them. We must not use the anointing for our own glory. Praying for revival and going to conferences about changing the world is not enough. We need to mix with those outside the faith. We were not created just to be church-goers but to be co-labourers with God.

You can find Grace’s article here and her introduction to the series here. I’ll share some more post about the other articles soon.

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