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Molten Mediation at Greenbelt 2011

Molten Meditation was a great way to start Saturday morning at Greenbelt this year. If you want to chill out and seek God at the same time then some of these Molten Meditation tracks are for you. I can imagine these being wonderful ways to de-stress after a busy day or to prepare yourself in a morning.

The London based Molten Meditation team of Robin Vincent and Hannah Claire-Cameron have produced some beautiful computer generated sounds mixed with readings of scriptures.

It was great to start the day listening to some of these tracks with Robin and Hannah doing the voiceovers with some psychedelic visuals playing. After only one or two quick relaxation tips I was away – at some parts only vaguely aware of my surroundings. I’m sure that these tracks would work well in corporate setting as well as at home in your own devotions.

The music is carefully planned to rise and fall appropriately. They got the timing just right giving time to reflect on the verses but not dragging. I did find Hannah’s voice more soothing than Robin’s. Perhaps she was a little more restrained.

I have come across recordings in the genre in stress management and also in Christian settings where this process is sometimes referred to as soaking particularly among charismatic Christians. These can be a valuable way to experience the Holy Spirit. Of course this style of worship also links in strongly to more contemplative traditions. Recordings in this genre can include a number of different approaches to such mediations including muscle relaxation, guided imagery or prayers. Molten Meditations approach is to read passages of scriptures to reflect on.

It really enjoyed it!

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