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When I spoke In Tongues at Greenbelt

At a small session called the Charismatic Contemplative Experiment run by Molten Meditation I went to front and spoke in tongues and interpreted what I said. Now Greenbelt is not known as a gathering of charismatic Christians. But I am a charismatic who sometimes does go to Greenbelt. So when I saw this in the program I was intrigued.

Molten Meditation is Robin Vincent who creates some wonderful ambient tracks and records spoken words of scripture over them. In this session he encouraged us relax while the music played and he spoke. Robin also encouraged us to make contributions such as prophecies or tongues. I felt that there was something from God that I could contribute so I prayed in tongues and interpreted, as I am used to doing in my own church meetings.

This was back in 2008. I did do Robin’s session this year too. And just when looking through Molten Meditation’s website I found Robin’s account of the incident. This is how he described me:

…one guy did come up – he had a bit of a crazy man shuffle to him that made me think “oh crikey – what’s going to happen now” and in my lack of faith i hadn’t put out a microphone or anything. Nonetheless he leaned into my mic and spoke in tongues really softly and beautifully, and then interpreted himself saying about peace and how God’s peace is such food for the soul – even through my nervousness it was very lovely. Unfortunately no one else could hear him.

Yes I was the only one. I had assumed I would be the first of a few contributors but after that, to my embarrassment, everyone remained seated. It was me. Just thought I’d own up Robin!

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September 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm Comment (1)