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2 of the Best Videos on the Missional Church

I love these two little videos that simply and clearly explain how we can be the missional church.

The missional church is not the latest fad or a new denomination. It is simply how church should be. God has a mission to transform the world be bringing in his kingdom. It’s amazing how this video gets the message across in a memorable way in a few sort minutes.

This mission is not something that should be left to the experts or to those who feel a calling. It is not up to the church leaders to advertise the church and set up programmes that will attract people. Not that there is anything with wrong with church programmes or inviting people to church. But if that is all we do that we will fail to fulfil God’s mission. We are all sent into the world to be salt and light and to reach our friends with the kingdom. It is not a case of ‘either/or’ but ‘both/and’.

This next video on what it calls missional community gives a very practical tip on how to do it. I think we all relate to stories and turning this into one simple story works really well.

The message is simple yet again. Don’t get so caught up in your church as to lose your non-Christian friends. Yes, on occasions new Christians may find their friends taking them away from God. But generally, God wants us to keep those relationships so that people have someone they can talk to when they want to discuss spiritual issues.

Can you empathise and maybe even identify with Bob? What’s your story?

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August 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm Comments (0)