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The Evangelicals You Don’t Know by Tom Krattenmaker

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to be introduced to the activities of some key names in a growing cluster of younger born again Americans. These are believers who don’t adhere to the right wing politics of many of their predecessors and so would not necessarily identify with the Religious Right of the Republican Party.

So who are these evangelicals?

Rather than focusing on church leaders within this grouping Tom Krattenmaker’s book outlines the work of a number of community activists and writers. He profiles such people as Kevin Palau, Stephanie and Shoshon Tama-Sweet, Tony Kriz, Lisa Sharon Harper, Dan Merchant, Paul Louis Metzger, Gabe Lyons and more.

He shows how each of these have worked on different issues related to social justice and on showing God’s love especially to the marginalised. He then goes on to explain how this fits into the current social and political scene in the States.

What impact might this book have on its readers?

You may find that The Evangelicals You Don’t Know introduces you to a new set of reading but more importantly that it gets you seeing your God given mission with new eyes.

Hopefully your appetite will be whet for more information on these evangelicals who pour themselves into social action rather than proclaiming the sort of moral rhetoric that all too often alienates people.

As you search the internet for blogs and articles about these activists and their work I pray that you will begin to see how God is beginning to do a new thing in many areas of America. And hopefully their efforts will inspire you do work on your own mission field in this way.

Do I have any criticism?

American flagThis book is the result of a lot of detailed research. The casual reader may find this heavy going. This is not helped by the writer going back and forth between issues and not always staying with the person concerned. Nevertheless, this did not spoil my enjoyment.

What did I particularly like about the book?

Tom Krattenmaker is not an evangelical and so as an evangelical myself I was pleased with his fair and objective assessment of these people.

I also liked the way that the book filled in many gaps in my understanding of American politics. Coming from outside the USA I found his assessment of current thinking of Americans on such topics as gay marriage, abortion and environmentalism very helpful.

Why would I recommend The Evangelicals You Don’t Know?

The people outlined in this book may be new to you or you may have already heard of some or all of them perhaps through blogs or social media. Either way this book gives you a fairly systematic introduction to a number of current movers and shakers who are not to be overlooked.

Please read this book and let me know what you think.


Thanks to Mike Morrell of the SpeakEasy network for sending me this book to review free of charge. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my true opinions.

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