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The Forgotten Ways Handbook

A book review

The Forgotten Ways Handbook by Alan Hirsch and Darryn Altclass aims to introduce the ideas of The Forgotten Ways to a wider audience. You can apply these principles whatever your situation whether pioneering or in an established church group. But be prepared for a radical reshaping of your group around mission when you do. Ideally the handbook is to be worked through by a group with the leader who has already read The Forgotten Ways but you can still gain a lot from it on your own as I did.

Unlike a lot of accompanying handbooks this contains concise and comprehensive summaries of the key sections of the original text so that it works perfectly well without having to read that book first. In fact The Forgotten Ways Handbook is as an excellent introduction to The Forgotten Ways. I found the summaries well written and clear. I was pleased that the diagrams from the original book were included.

After each summary the handbook challenges you to put these principles into practice as individuals and as a group. At the end of each chapter there are discussion questions and practical goal setting exercises. Not having worked through this with a group it’s hard to say how well the discussion questions would work but there did appear a lot of them in each chapter. Reading them out in turn and answered them could be a laborious task and take a very long time. Perhaps they need to be used for reference for a discussion by the facilitator. Handled well, I’m sure the results could be dynamic.

The Forgotten Ways Handbook shows you, in simple practical terms, how you and your group can be more missional and incarnational and more apostolic and prophetic. Well worth considering as your next group study course.

The Shaping of Things to Come, The Forgotten Ways and The Forgotten Ways Handbook are all worth getting. I’m looking forward to reading more by Alan Hirsch.


September 30, 2011 at 6:00 pm
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