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The Shack Revisited

A book review

The Shack Revisited is for anyone who wants to go a little deeper into some of the issues that are raised in the best selling Christian novel The Shack. A book I reviewed three years ago on my previous blog here.

Though there are plenty of dips into theology especially Trinitarian, The Shack Revisted is still really a devotional with plenty of illustrations from the author’s experience. I particularly loved his explanation of ‘perichoresis’ – the doctrine of the dance of the Trinity.

Baxter Kruger basically preaches using themes from The Shack as starting points. The best parts were near the end where the characterisations of Papa and Sarayu – the Holy Spirit – from The Shack begin to be unpacked more. I would have liked more of this. I felt The Shack Revisited could have stayed closer to the original story and unpacked it more.

There are a few books already on the market that compliment the Shack in various ways. This is not a study book or a work book, but a devotional reader on some of the themes in The Shack with plenty of theology thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t directly claim to answer any of the criticisms of The Shack but some of the foray into the Trinity does make a valuable contribution to the debates.

The Shack Revisited is written to encourage Christians and perhaps even give others who have read The Shack an overview of some important themes in Christianity such as out adoption into God’s family. Though it will give you an insight into some doctrinal issues the main idea that it will leave you with, just as the Shack does is the amazing unconditional love of God towards us.


Thanks to Mike Morrell of the SpeakEasy network for sending me this book to review free of charge.

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