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Transforming Communities

I thought this quote from a recent post by Jonny Baker was interesting:

Something really interesting continues to bubble up in the church in the UK – small missional communities… that had moved into a particular area (often one with a lot of deprivation and poverty), meeting together in a bar or home or allotment, seeking to follow Christ but their focus is simply helping transform their community – in arts, environment, in social needs… and so on.

Jonny was at a meeting in London discussing new churches being planted and this was the gist that he felt came out of that meeting. I think it is brilliant that God is working through Christians to transform their community. This is bringing values of the kingdom to play in our local settings. Of course leaving your church to set up something new in a new area is for most people.

How can we join God in transforming communities?

From my perspective I have always felt to be involved in my local church and be involved in my local community at the same time. I feel that if we just mix with our own church folks we miss so much of God’s purposes. It can be a challenge to some Christians to get to know their neighbours and they might feel more comfortable with their church friends. On the other hand if some people my have good links with their community and friends but struggle to be joined to local church.

What are we doing to help?

My wife is much better at community involvement than I am. She is part of our local residents association where she is very involved in a number of local projects such as community gardening in our local grow space growing vegetables together and our annual in Britain in Bloom.

As a couple we have also started a local job club called WorkShop helping people in our inner city area look for work and are very involved with a local charity called Karis Neighbour Scheme.

Recently my wife has been knitting items to sell on local arts and crafts stalls to help raise money for Karis and loves the idea of making saleable items out of scrap material.

This an important first step in extending God’s kingdom

There is of course more to the gospel of the kingdom than just community transformation and at some point we need to introduce people to Jesus. But for many Christians I think that getting to know our neighbours and showing God’s love for our community is an important first step.

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