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Walking Through God’s Creation

Today for September’s Synchroblog several bloggers are posting on the title “Loving Nature – Is God Green?” This post is my contribution. Please also read other contributors to the synchroblog by following the links at the bottom of this post.

Sundays in August

IMG_5871In August our church spends time out doors – we go for picnics in parks or walks in the countryside. These replace our usual Sunday services and are great times to invite friends to. I always love these times and get to as many as I can.

These are times when we can eat our packed lunches together and enjoy each other’s company but they are also times to revel in God’s creation. These are often opportunities to get out of an urban environment to walk in woodlands or at least to relax in the greenery of one of Birmingham’s parks.

It is great to be outside worshiping God through creation. God’s creation is important. It’s times like this that I feel reminded by God that we all have a part to play in looking after this beautiful world that he has given us.

Worshiping God through creation

IMG_5868What I like is both getting some good healthy exercise and time to wonder at the greatness of our king in making and sustaining each shade of colour in the trees and the sky. I must confess to sometimes finding a sense of oneness with God, of wholeness and peace on such occasions.

It can be just great to look up at the trees, to see an awesome horizon in the distance or even hold a leaf and meditate on its intricacies. Yes, I do things like that! God created all of these from the greatest to the smallest. This is the God that I know and intimately experience.

As Christians thinking of creation often leads to the creationist debate that puts the Bible at odds with science. Perhaps we need to get beyond such unhelpful debates. Instead we need to get to grips with the amazing wonder of creation and with our mandate not just to rule creation but also caring for creation on God’s behalf.IMG_5888

Why God’s creation is important

The Bible teaches we are stewards of God’s creation. God has given it for us as humans to rule on his behalf. This means we are to care for it and treat it respectfully. Just because we can increasingly control elements of the natural world does not mean that we can do with them as we please.

Damaging our environment will have consequences that we will have to live with perhaps for many generations. I know this idea may jar with those who expect Jesus to return at any moment. But I believe that we need to take such a long term view and it is irresponsible not to care because you think, ‘It will all burn anyway’!

We all have our part to play

I am glad that environmental issues are now more mainstream than they used to be – and not just the domain of extreme left-wing politics or new-agers. It’s now the norm to recycle much of our waste – at least here in the UK. Some of us also compost food waste. It’s a pity that others have led the way in this and as Christians we have been so slow of the mark to speak out on to the Bible’s teaching of stewardship.

I think it is great that we are now beginning to hear more of a positive Christian perspective on environment issues. If you want to know more you might be interested in exploring my brief selection of links below from such organisations as the Evangelical Alliance, Christian Aid, and Christianity Today. Don’t forget take a look at what other bloggers think on this issue too.

Further Reading

Christian Aid has a number of resources including these Climate Change Policy Papers
The Evangelical Alliance has a list of Christian Environmental Groups with more links to follow.
One of the groups listed, Christian Ecology Link has a number of leaflets such as this one on Ethical Investment

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September 17, 2013 at 6:00 pm
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  • September 22, 2013 at 11:02 pmCarol Kuniholm

    I love the way your church meets outdoors. I was a camp counselor and youth leader, and I loved the opportunity to spend time sharing faith together and worshiping in creation. Too few churches find their way outside together, which makes it far too easy to think of nature as “out there” and spiritual reality as “in here.”
    Thanks for sharing your reflections.

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