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When God Speaks Back – an interview with Tanya Luhrmann

This post from NPR (America’s National Public Radio) includes a fascinating and helpful interview with psychologist and anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann who has recently studies what it means to hear the voice of God and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Tanya Luhrmann is a professor at Stanford University who has visited a number of groups in the Vineyard movement. She describes the findings of her observations and interviews with these Christians in her new book When God Speaks Back.

In the radio interview she outlines what she saw and heard and some of the conversations moved her to tears.

“They learn to experience some of their thoughts as not being thoughts from them, but thoughts from God that they hear inside their mind,” she says.

In When God Speaks Back she describes people building a conversation with Jesus like this – based on their understanding of God – who is primarily loving and accepting. Interestingly she describes how people to learn to discern which thoughts come from God and which are purely from their own imagination.

Overall I found Tanya Luhrmann’s comments about evangelical Christianity respectful and helpful in articulating the idea of hearing God. Personally they gave me valuable insights into my own experiences and into some of the ways that people talk about hearing God especially when they recount word for word dialogues.

Please have a quick look at the summary of this interview about When God Speaks Back on the NPR site or even better take the time to listen to the radio interview.

March 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm
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