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Why CharisMissional?

CharisMissional is a word made out of the two words blended together – charismatic and missional. It was coined by Emerging Grace (now blogging under the name Kingdom Grace). Along with Brother Maynard and Rob McAlpine she wrote a series of articles on this for the Porpoise Diving Life a number of years ago. These two terms represent two important aspects of Christianity that perhaps don’t always overlap as much as they should.


Charismatic churches are probably one of the biggest growth areas in Christianity. They emphasise experiencing the Holy Spirit and the gifts of Holy Spirit. Christians speak out what we believe God is saying to us, praying for people and sometimes seeing God answer in miraculous ways. People invited into gathering where such things are happening experience God for themselves and learn how to hear God and start to pray expecting God to answer. This is exciting stuff. Of course charismatic needs discernment. There has been and continues to be abuses of this. The answer to abuse is not disuse but correct use. Yet even where the gifts are used well the initial excitement with God can slowly disappear of the years. I wonder if part of the reason for this is that in all the excitement we have sometimes neglected the mission that God was equipping us for in the first place.


A recent topic that has been talked about a lot recently in Christian circles is missional living. There is a growing recognition that Christians are on a mission from God. Missional Christianity values rubbing shoulders with those outside the faith. It says we need to be serving our community and having genuine conversations about things that matter. Without this emphasis our faith can stagnate. The conversation around missional living has emphasised being true to ourselves and being relevant to our culture. In some circles people have been experimenting for decades with more creative ways to worship God. Others have been gathering more informally in homes sometimes having left formal churches that they found weren’t helping them grow in their faith. As some of these groups have reached out to people they have found people joining them feeling that they are ‘scratching where it is itching’ so to speak.


My reason for creating this blog is simple. It is the conviction that these two aspects of Christianity can inform each other. We need them both. Those discussing missional living have neglected the Holy Spirit to some extent. I wonder if this is because of some of the extremes and abuses they have seen. Similarly those of us who believe that God speaks and move today sometimes don’t let the Spirit move beyond our own worship times. My aim in writing this blog is to stir us all up to be more outward looking, more relevant, seeking to transform our culture and to see the Holy Spirit move not just in our churches but also in our families, our workplaces and our communities.

If you would like more information on CharisMissional please get in touch through my contact page.

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